Is “Psychic” Pam Ragland Who Found Terry Smith Jr. A Fraud?


Pam Ragland

Pam Ragland, a supposed psychic visionary, is the individual credited with locating the body of 11 year old Terry Smith Jr.. Pam Ragland lives60 miles away from Menifee and after having an “intuitive vision” she called a police tipline then traveled to the Menifee. According to reports an off-duty fireman drove her around the area for three hours before locating the young boy’s body under a tree in the backyard behind the family’s home.

Terry Smith

Terry Smith Jr.

That’s when officials discovered foul play was involved. Terry Smith Jr.’s 16 year old brother has been charged with the murder and is awaiting trial. The tragic case sparked national attention after the Smith family claimed, 11 year old

Terry Smith Jr. went missing in the middle of the night.

Pam Ragland is a self-proclaimed intuitive psychic and she is also a consultant who provides motivational services. Her psychic claim has garnered national headlines and critics are set on discrediting her abilities. Everyone on TV, print, and radio are discussing this case.

Pam Ragland on YouTube as she discusses “Thought Shifting.”:

KTLA 9 coverage of Pam Ragland soon after the discovery of Terry Smith Jr.’s body :


It is important to note that Ragland did not find the body immediately as it took three hours. Ragland is possibly experiencing financial hardships so she may have been seeking attention for financial gain. Ragland also has an autistic child. This may have led to her having extreme sympathy for the missing boy. Maybe she was only lucky to find the body.

Here’s what a few websites had to say about the psychic claims.

Live Science

“Yet her vision of a peaceful sleeping boy was wrong; instead what she and her children found near a tree on the Smith property was described as a blackened, bloated head with half of the nose and an eye missing…..

Yet there is another, more likely option: Ragland is neither psychic nor involved in any crime, but simply someone who unknowingly mistook a television news scene for an intuitive vision, and whose instincts correctly told her where a missing boy was statistically most likely to be found — and eventually was.”

Read the Live Science article…

“How do I know this? Because psychics don’t exist. Psychic powers are not a real thing. A psychic cannot help a detective solve a crime, because there is no such thing as a legitimate psychic. And it’s dangerous and wrong to report otherwise. Pretending that mystics and “intuitives” have something real to offer criminal investigations gives false hope to desperate people, and it’ll just end up wasting time and resources that would’ve been better spent on actual investigative techniques.”

Read the article…

An early NBC 4 Los Angeles report said, “she found a decaying head sticking out of the raw dirt, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department confirmed.”

Maybe Pam Ragland is a psychic, or maybe she isn’t. But it’s important to look at all the facts too. Pam Ragland is involved in producing videos geared towards making money.


Would a psychic need to make such videos? Would Ragland be a motivotional speaker if she was a true psychic. Most psychics are paid to provide psychic services, aren’t they?


There’s this video of Ragland bashing U.S. Bank for what she calls “bullying” and “fraud.”

After seeing the evidence and claims, where do you stand? Is Pam Ragland a psychic visionary? Or was she just lucky?

But being a local, I’m thankful she participated. She was the one who found JuJu in a time when the community was desperate to find the young boy. I’m sure the community of Menifee is thankful also, and they’re probably a few more believers in psychic phenomenon because of Ragland.


Tim Doyle

Tim Doyle

Author: Tim Doyle

Tim Doyle is a political ghost writer and consultant in Southern California. Tim has provided services to politicians at the city level. He has experience reporting for local media and once appeared on ABC7 LA during the Presidential debates of 2012. Join circles with Tim on Google+.

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  1. Fyi, I posted the below to her Thought Shifting Facebook page a couple of days ago. I thought her disciples would sniff out a 'hater' immediately, but no response yet.

    Pam, you must be aware of the many allegations that are still being made by independent witnesses that cast serious doubts over your account.

    You state on your blog: “We live 1.5 hours away. We have never been to their town. By Tuesday night I KNEW I had to go help find this boy. So, packing my family up after they got home late on Tuesday 7/10, we headed out there over 1.5 hours away. We didn’t even arrive until 9:30 pm.”

    Pam, you were seen at the house on Tuesday morning. People keeping watch over the entry to the house have given me a statement that you met Bekkah, Juju’s mother and her partner, at the property that morning. I have a written statement that includes the words: “Bekkah was willing to listen to anybody that could help find him. She asked for a personal item of Juju's so Bekkah went into the house and got a nerf gun and a photo … Ragland sat on the big rock to get a "reading" … then after about 15 minutes left the property.” Other people who were at the property at that time have confirmed you did indeed visit.

    I have also found witnesses who said you returned to the search center at the local market in the early evening and taken statements from these witnesses. They include: “Ragland was hanging out at the Market asking all kinds of questions … Dalall (the owner of the market) told me he kicked her out and Ragland met the firefighter in the parking lot. Dalall told me it was around 6 6.30ish.”

    Pam, this is in direct conflict to your statement that you arrived in town for the first time ever at 9.30pm. Could I respectfully ask: Were you at Juju Smith’s house in the morning and early evening prior to his body being found? And an unrelated question: do you personally know Juju’s mother through your work with children and parents affected by autism?

    What is the appropriate course of action for me to take with the statements I have compiled from the various witnesses Pam?

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